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Healing Words



Dear blogger,

I was awaken early this morning with the words "our weapons of warfare are not carnel but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds..."  2 Cor. 10:4
We all are going through something (some worse then others) but we have been given the power and name of Jesus that we do not have to just stand by and accept what is happening in our life.  God is reminding  me and you that we have the armor of God and the power of our Lord Jesus to fight andTO BE VICTORIOUS!

Trusting God

Let's be real for just a moment. 
It is hard to trust what you can't see, but there is a reason why our Lord wants us to trust with out seeing. It is so that we will start practicing trusting Him and not ourselves or others as well as build our faith level up. We know trust is another word forFAITH. And Our Lord and God needs us to be dependent onHIMand not on other people or things.  If we just choose one thing to trust Him on and hold onto His promise regarding it,HE WILL bring it to pass


As the angels spoke these two profound words to Mary, Joseph and the shepherds in the field they apply to us too!
FEAR NOTwhat is going on around you, Trust Jesus,FEAR NOTwhat man has said or threatens to do Jesus Christ is with you.
Fear is from the devil, It is "False Evidence Appearing Real" Our God did not give that ugly spirit ofFEARbut of Love and a sound mind.
The devil usesFEARto cause you to stand still and not move. He does not want you to be productive with your talents,gifts and your calls that God has given you.

"Little Faith will go a long way"

This is placed on my web page to share with those I love so dearly and I believe you will be blessed by this from Joel Osteen. Everyone of you be encouraged today and always. Pastor Barnes. Give me a holler in the comments.
Now Faith
ByJoel Osteen
This week's topic:Faithfulness
Don’t quit dreaming. Keep the vision in front of you. A friend of mine was in an accident where both of his knees were crushed. The doctor told him he would be fortunate to walk, but he would certainly never run or play sports again.