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"Dare to be Different"
Forgiven by God
Trusting God
It us that time Again


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Healing Words

Healing words

"Dare to be Different"

Do you want to be someone that goes with the flow of things or do you want to be someone that goes against the grain, daring to be different?  Different is defined as partly or totally unlike in nature, form, or quality. God is looking for a people that is willing to be different. To stand out for what is righteous and true.  He is looking for a person that will allow His glory to be revealed upon this earth through them! Daring to be different will cause one to reject religion and walk in a relationship with God.

Forgiven by God

Hello Bloggers,
I was just thinking on how much God loves us. His love is so awesome that there is nothing we can do to change that amazing love He has for us. When we commit a sin and we know we did; for what ever reason we committed it; He will forgive us for it. We must realize that we don't sin deliberately and habitually and expect God to still cover us in His GRACE! But when we slip up and we will, He is there to forgive us of our sin that we confessed before Him and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Are You Tired Yet?

Are You tired yet?
 I ask this question because many of us are tired due to us trying to do things on our own or doing something that God does not want us to do. We are tired because we are not doing what we should be doing. Our life is not surrendered to the Lord. We give Him some of us and not all of us. He said in  His word Matthew 16:24 " If any man will come after me, let himdeny himselfand take up his cross, and follow me."
In another scripture Matthew 11:29-30 " Take my yoke upon you and


"HOPE"what is it? the meaning is trust, expect and confidence in someone or something.
I was in a place of disappointment regarding a person and situation, and I heard in my spirit, "Sharon, where is your hope? Is it in people, circumstances or situations or is it in Jesus Christ?"WOW! It jarred me and I said I am a believer of the most High God and savior Jesus Christ.My HOPE is in him not the world or in people.
You see, as I pondered the whole question; I realized that Jesus Christ is my

To You and to Me

We all go through something; one thing or another.  Its not just because we are believers, but also because we are human and in a world system ran by humans. It also is because we are in a world ran not by God but by sin and a rebellious generation. But the great news is we have a God who is the creator of all things including us humans.  he will not go against anyone's will, but He is there with us who love Him.  In Ps 91:1-5 the words of our Lord encourages us that 1) He is our hiding place 2) our refuge and fortress 3) He will deliver us 4) He will cover us 5) His truth shall be our sheild and buckler and 6) We should not be afraid.