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It us that time Again

Well Hello Bloggers,

It is time to collect those can goods again. We want to fill the Food Pantry for the upcoming holidays for the families who need to have some food on their tables. And to feed the homeless that have no home table to go to. We will be serving hot meals in out Soup Kitchen as well. SO WOULD YOU GIVE US A HELPING HAND?

Please if you have any can items in your cabinet that you would like to donate to a worthy cause feeding the homeless and less fortunate please donate to The Center.

Lets Talk

Welcome to my New Blog page called "Real Outreach"

This is designed for you to ask questions, make comments or statements if you so desire. It also will help me receive feedback from you regarding my new book "Real Outreach"

If you have not ordered your book yet please do it is $15.99 no tax or SH until Jan 1, 2016 SO HURRY!

I look forward to blogging with you, so when you get a chance give me a holler.

Be Blessed and Thank You in Advance
        Pastor Sharon