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Are we practicing what we believe?

Today I was meditating on who we are and who we should be representing in this wicked and perversed world. And we as believers should be practicing reflecting our Lord Jesus Christ and not reflecting the world. We need to stand out in our behavior, our attitudes and in every area of our lives. If we are causing someone to ask the question "are you a believer of Jesus Christ?" then we need to examine ourselves and see if we are walking as Ambassadors of Christ. If we believe the word of God, then we need to walk like we believe. Do we honestly believe we are the children of the most High?  Then we need to act like we are and not compromise with the world and the way they do things. Lets get this blog started! Amen

The Vail

Did you know that the Vail which was split right down the middle when Jesus Christ died still exists today?
Yes, it still exists. Let me explain. The vail which is the curtain which hung in the temple that held the Ark of the Covenant during the time of Christ was used to separate the inner court of the temple from the Holy of Holies (a whole other room). The only one that could enter through that vail was a priest that was chosen to represent and petition God for the people of Israel.


Hell vs Heaven
Hello Bloggers,
As I have begin researching the scriptures regardingHELLone of my main concerns is for my fellow brother & sisters in the faith. The people of God lack the knowledge of this place calledHELL.Preaching and teachingHELLis very scarce and one can rarely find a minister that will speak on the subject. These days subjects of prosperity and of How To's are in great abundance.
I have noticed that believers do not hear bout it, not search it out or even share it. Is it because they are only aware of the bare surface of this place Jesus Christ Himself speaks of ?

The Hurt & Hungry (please read)

Hello Dear Bloggers,
I would like toTHANK YOUall for viewing ALL the posts I have entered and sending me such beautfiul feedback. Being one who has just started blogging it is so encouraging please keep blogging back LOL!
Well, I was thinking about a lot of things and one was the great need to help those who are in true need of help. Like the homeless man & women who are really homeless and not of their own doing. I see them because they come to my Soup Kitchen and Pantry for food. I talked to some of them and asked a few questions.

The Miracle Night

The Miracle Night
As we celebrate Christmas take time to ponder the greatest miracle of all the miralce of God entering into the world in the form of a baby to bring to you and I the gift of love, peace and above redeemption. Remeber this Christmas a gift was given to you which cost not money but a life! And that life was given so that you may live. So with great love and joy I pray you  will not spend this year's celebration in depression or stress because, it is his brithday and not yours, and yet he came to earth to give you Him as a gift

Pray for leaders don't bash them

Hello Bloggers,
I want to say to you all that we must remember thatNO ONE IS PERFECT BUT GOD !!!! As those who love God it is He who works through us and brings His love out of us. If there is anyone who does not like a person or pastor for their own personal reasons, don't bash them pray for them. Because the leaders of God are striving to please God more than they are MAN!! A preacher once said if you do not like the channel you are looking atCHANGE THE CHANNEL! I like that because leaders are not going to please every one.

Give Jesus a Gift

Dear Bloggers,
We are embarking on a new year. And many of us need to leave some stuff in the old and move forward for what God has for us.
There will be some spiritual changes in this up coming year and if you are a believer reading this blog it is time to make sure your plans line up with God's plan for you.
What ever plans you have be sure God is in them, be sure the precious Spirit is a part of the making of those plans because you can be assured they will not be a success without Him.  What ever you procratinated about in the past DO NOT DO THE SAME AGAIN!

Thanksgiving Praise

Hello Blogers,
This Thanksgiving was another great success this year! We fed over 100 people turke with all the trimmings, We had volunteers from all over the Inland Empire. And we had 17 turkeys cooked and carved, 80 gallons of milk donated, NAACP volunteer fix "Cranberry Punch" for all. We had mash potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, gravy and cakes, cookies, pies and fruit salad and so much more!! All donated by wonderful people like yourself. They all help made it happen!!
Many homeless and the less fortunate are in need all year round.